21 year old who found herself again through a blonde, a brunette, and a red head. Troyler has taken over the rest of my life and Taco Bell fills my soul/body. I've been prazed by Grace Helbig twice, she recorded me a Sam I Am joke and ended the video with her in a fit of laughter, and then called me a beautiful idiot. Mamrie Hart once yelled at me for not being in Vegas. And Hannah Hart called me a bastard and then called me the sweetest person alive. Also, TacoBell follows me so I'm basically Tyler Oakley.

I am a Holy Trinity/YouTube blog for the most part but anytime after 10pm my blog is a mess and I reblog my thoughts and feelings.

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Anonymous asked
Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not exactly. I do believe that you can see someone for the first time and know things are going to be different/special between the two of you. It may not be love at that time, or maybe ever. But, you can know they will make a great impact on your life.


Awesome segment @eonline! Also LOOK it’s me and the amazing admiral of volunteering, Helen! #untold


Awesome segment @eonline! Also LOOK it’s me and the amazing admiral of volunteering, Helen! #untold



Hey guys, so when nation builder set up the have a hart page they started the website with Hannah’s name as the url, However, it has just been updated to be Have a Hart Day instead.

Sorry if you’ve tried to find the page and gotten a dead end.

The correct and now official site is haveahartday.nationbuilder.com



So since that post about the friends I’ve made because of the fandom went a wee-bit viral, I’ve been wanting to post a thing about each one of my really close friends, because they mean sO much to me, and if you’re not following them and stuff, you totally should. So this is kinda like a follow…


Anonymous asked
You matter

As do you :)

Happy birthday fartoharto! Enjoy your day and even though I love you, I don’t love you enough to sing like you’ve requested.

Also, go wish her a happy birthday, immediately.